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Programme VTO - Visual Treatment Objectives

Holistic orthodontic treatment in the Beli medved Centre is more efficient, faster and more patient-friendly.

Dr. Mezeg's philosophy is based on precise and detailed diagnostics, thorough discussion with the patient, optimal plan of treatment and combined treatment.

During the first visit at the dental surgery of the Beli medved Centre Dr. Mezeg does the anamnesis (examination of the orofacial area) and finds out the patient's wishes.

Dr. Mezeg carries out a detailed diagnostic examinationby an x-ray machine, progressively or, when needed, using all ways of imaging (ortopan panoramic imaging, local x-ray, three-dimensional imaging of the jaw, joints, teeth, sinuses). The examination of the orofacial area, which includes also detailed measurements of the face, allows for establishing the foundations of the treatment and it is the basis for preparing an optimal plan of orthodontic treatment with all the alternative possibilities.

The two-dimensional tomographic image of the patient's teeth and jaw is optimised with additional photographs, and then Dr. Mezeg prepares an electronic simulation of changes or treatment procedures on an analytical model. Thus the patient gets an understandable idea about the final appearance of their face and smile after the treatment.

Above-standard VTO programme(Visual Treatment Objectives) means defining the final result of orthodontic procedures in advance. The orthodontist visualises the final image in the treatment plan, making sure that the treatment reflects the set objectives as much as possible. After positioning the teeth into the ideal position, the orthodontist has to decide how far to go with orthodontic treatment and surgical interventions on the face bones.

During the treatment the orthodontist has to take into account the development of changes on the patient's face and smile and therefore the treatment has to be planned very carefully, and then the set objective has to be pursued, and the progress measured and assessed.

"The point of VTO is that the patent or their parents are aware of several possibilities of the orthodontic treatment so that they can decide for the optimal one", says Dr.Uroš Mezeg.

In the discussion with the patient or their parents the orthodontist uses the images, models and digital stimulation to present the plan and a detailed course of orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist strives to make as real image of the final solution as possible, including the appearance of the patient's face and smile.

The dentist gives the patient also basic information about food and hygiene of teeth during the treatment or when the dental braces are applied.

Having presented the plan in detail, the dentist presents the patient the price range of the treatment and estimated costs of the services required.